Good News! We're now offering Elite Modern Furniture

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We're excited to introduce this new Brand Elite Modern  to our store. This is a beautiful & upscale furniture design that is customizable to fit your color theme.  There aren't many of these type of factory around anymore that is Made in USA and made to order. 

Elite Manufacturing is firmly committed and driven by a passion for original design. We have been producing innovative and exceptional modern furnishings in the USA since 1988. We have earned and established an unparalleled reputation for sensational designs, superior construction and outstanding value.

To learn more about Elite Modern, Please click the links here: About – Elite Modern

Check their website out and you can order any piece that you like even if we don't display them all.  


Choose wood finishes anywhere there is wood surface.

choose metal finishes for all chairs, stools, and buffet.  Brushed stainless steel can't be changed and is the default finish. 


choose glass top for buffet cabinet 

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