Tonin Casa - Italy- Wave Extendable Dining Table with Lacquer Base

WAVE is the result of long and diverse techniques, based on how to work with different and innovative materials. We decided to use Baydur, a material that allowed the base to perfectly imitate a wave's strong movements. To counter-balance, the top was thought to look as static as possible, a line to appease and redefine the wave. It stars as pure movement; it ends as stasis.

“Wave” was designed to reproduce the idea of a quiet, yet undulated sea. Its main characteristic is the juxtaposition between the movement of the base, and the stillness of the top. It is simple, and clear. It is what we believe luxury is made of. 

Standard and custom colors available, extra clear glass with extensions, anodized aluminum track, size G 200cm ~ 300cm  

78.74" L ~ max 118"L x 39.5"W x 29.5"  

Prices varies with all other top options - Special order 14-16 weeks from Italy

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