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MODEL: MODUS by Innova Italia- 100% Made in Italy  


The Upholstery District

 Innova D&P is the evolution of an artisan reality born from the initiative of Giuseppe Sardone in 1956.

Over the years, some characteristic territorial values ​​have remained unviolated: family and tradition.
Today our goal is to make the most of the potential of a serial industrial production while maintaining the best quality / price ratio.
The family Business has expanded to professionals with specific skills for an entrepreneurial vision aligned with current social and economic changes.


A product for the world

Our commitment to make Innova D&P an international brand is realized day after day.

Our efficient and careful sales network has allowed us to be present in many countries worldwide.
We have always considered cultural and territorial differences an incentive to create a truly cosmopolitan and updated product.

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This is a beautiful design and it was made to show off its curves. There are 5 units option to build your ideal set so chose what fits your space best.  The one arm sofa, armless chair, curved wedge corner, the armless terminal and the round ottoman.  

Version A eta 12 -20weeks

Version A - 1 RAF SOFA + 1 LAF SOFA = 110"L X 39"D X 33"H ( cat. 30 top grain leather - white) 4 pillows  lead time 14-20weeks with current pandemic delays   120” L  X 39”d x 33”h


Version B - 1 RAF ARMLESS TERMINAL CHAISE + ARMLESS CHAIR, CORNER, + LAF SOFA (cat. 30 top grain leather - matte Nuvola taupe) includes 6 PILLOWS  137” x 98” chaise

Version C - 1 LAF ARMLESS TERMINAL CHAISE + ARMLESS CHAIR, CORNER, RAF SOFA includes 6 PILLOWS  (cat. 30 top grain leather - white)

137” L x 98” chaise 
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