KUKA Leather & Fabric Collection


KUKA's main 130,000m2  (32.12 acre)  upholstery factory, located in Hangzhou's Xiasha Economic and Technological Development Zone, has a staff of 4,000KUKA's Haining foam factory occupies 12,000m2 (2.96 acre)  and produces 10,000tons of polyurethane foam per year. KUKA's 93,000m2 (28.92 acre)  chair and ottoman factory in Haining, employing 2,000, has a production capacity of 5,000 chairs per day. Total production capacity of these two principal furniture plants exceeds 3,000 containers per month. KUKA's tannery, located in Haining, covers 84,000m2 (20.75 acre)  and employs 1,600. Production capacity is 1 Million m2 of finished leather and bycast per month.

R & D

KUKA invests tremendous resources in product research and development. KUKA's customers get next season's best sellers while their competition is still guessing what to do.  An average of 50 new design proposal drawings are created here each day.To date, KUKA has received more than 200 furniture design awards. To protect our creativity, 573 models have been patented.


Quality is not an accident, it is only the result of intelligent efforts. This is the key belief within the KUKA family that leads us to success. We become a key element in our consumers' daily lives. We become a part of the family. To ensure only top grade products leave the factory,  our expert craftsmen follow stringent production techniques and use only the best available materials when bringing quality designs to life.