Novaluna Beds Made in Italy


All Novaluna bed 100% Made in Italy - Special Sale prices on all Quick ship stock.


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Made in Italy, genuine, great comfort.

Novaluna means Made in Italy. A very simple and clear concept that leads our work by counting on four main values: seriousness of a project in wich we invest in resources and energy, the genius of a line-up devised by our designers and style centre, high quality of materials used in production and, last but not least, our Craftmanship. Following the most genuine tradition of Italian savoir-faire, our products are made with passion and know-how, after having meticulously selected woods, covers and components. Our attention to details and finishing touches are a match to those of the greatest dressmakers. 
Our beds are meant to be stylish, exciting and functioning, aiming to provide their buyers with lots of comfort and satisfaction over time. They are beds of very high quality. 
What does it mean? It means a selection of nice looking, long-lasting, pleasant to touch and elegant coverings. In fine leather, fabric or handy eco-leather. It means that our bases are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic as well as strong and long-lasting. 
It means that we build bedframes of the highest standard in the industry, without compromise. For us, quality also involves offering an optional storage (one movement or two movements) that is versatile and useful, simply the best for robustness. Quality also means offering a large variety of fitting, size (even tailored), variation and addition. 
The Novaluna System is a complete service, designed to satisfy your taste in the best way, giving you an unbeatable experience.
A real company, that has been working in the interior design industry for many decades thanks to the great history of the Fratelli Cornacchia, in the hectic social and industrial environment of Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019. 
A genuine artisan tradition. Truly Made in Italy: Everything is really built in our country. Behind this innovative and expanding brand, you’ll find real, expert and reliable people. This too is Novaluna quality.