Fjords Contura 2080 Leather Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Designs Svein Asbjørnsen

The best position for relaxation is to have the legs higher than the heart. This relieves your back and promotes increased blood circulation. Fjords Contura smoothly reflects and follows your body’s movements, which offers you an optimal comfort. The selected leather is of the highest quality.
"With focus on my understanding of technology and my insight into human anatomy, I wanted to design a chair that reflects the movement of the body. Function through technological innovation and with a structural form, the Contura is a furniture of the future. A visually stimulating and challenging design." / Svein Asbjørnsen

About Fjords Contura Zero Gravity Chairs:
Designed and developed by Svein Asborjornsen of sapDesign. Medical research has shown this to be the best position when relaxing for those who require greater circulation. The chair counter-balances which means operation is smooth and steady. It also revolves around 360 degrees. Each headrest provides proper neck support and the backrest design is made for proper lumbar support. Choose from a variety of leathers and color options.
Upholstered in Full Top Grain Leather with Aluminum base
Adjustable height and tilt headrest for comfort
  • Dimensions: Width: 31 in. - Height: 44 in. - Depth 34.6 in.
  • Seating Measurements: Height: 17.7 in. - Depth: 20.5 in.

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