Tonin Casa - Italy - Tokyo Extendable Walnut Table Top with Marble Base


Tokyo, available both in the fixed, and the extendible version, with an aluminum guide bar, and glass, ceramic, wood or marble tops. The legs are made out of cultured marble, and their strongly dynamic lines can be completed by a RAL finishing, a detail that allows you to customize your own dining room. You can create numerous combinations, and Tokyo’s design will always result both contemporary and classic, especially because of the wooden extendible top.

Special order available options:

Fixed top- (Glass top) transparent 12mm, painted black 12mm, transparent fume, extra clear transparent, extra clear white, extra clear champagne, frosted black, extra clear frosted white, extra clear frosted beige, black ceramic, dark brown ceramic, white ceramic, grey ceramic. sizes: 160cm, 180cm, 200cm x 90cm

(Wood top) Fixed- Matt white, canaletto walnut, natural oak, heat-treated dark oak (sizes) 200cm x 100cm, 250cm x120cm.

(Wood top) Fixed- Knotted natural oak, Solid canaletto walnut, solid heat-treated dark oak, solid natural oak. This solid wood, naturally warm and welcoming, gets refreshed by the new versions available. Its design has now become part of Tonin Casa’s history, aging, but changing, thanks to the materials and our new techniques. (sizes) L 160cm x 93cm, 180cm x 93cm, 200cm x 110cm, 250cm x 110cm,, 300cm x 110cm 

(Marble top) Fixed- Glossy white carrara marble, Glossy black Marquinia marble, Glossy grey marble, Glossy bronze Emperador marble. (sizes) 200cm x 100cm, 250cm x 120cm

Base options: Cultured marble base: matt white, glossy white, glossy black, glossy beige, glossy champagne, RAL custom color 

Extendable top: Glass and ceramic - sizes 160cm-240cm x 90cm, 180cm-260cm x 90cm, 200cm-300cm x 100cm

Extendable top: Wood - sizes 160cm-244cm x 93cm, 180cm-264cm x 93cm, 200cm-284cm x 100cm.  Canaletto walnut, knotted natural oak, heat-treated dark oak

prices varies by selections- please see store for details

As shown in-store models- Extendable walnut top with 2 extensions 200cm~300cm= 78.74" L ~ max 118.11" x 41.74"W  with glossy champagne marble base. 

Third-party delivery service don't know how to handle our big & beautiful tables from Tonin Casa so we are offering FREE DELIVERY & ASSEMBLY up to 100 miles (order min. $5k if you live 80-100 miles away from our zip code 95128)

If you live over 100 miles, do let us know and we can give you a quote base on total qty., amount of the order and traveling distance. Our expert delivery manager and his team knows how to handle everything with care and do all the assembling for you. 

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