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We are proud to announce our latest additions to our leather line from Kevin Giormani Luxury Sofas Exclusively Distributed by Planum Furniture. 

PLANUM’s quality and versatility have met the personalized requirements of the most discriminating customers. Our furniture collections have proven that the marriage of form and function withstands the test of time.

So when looking to plan today’s ultimate solution for tomorrow’s way of living in almost any room, PLANUM invites you to take a closer look at just a few solutions for bedrooms, dining rooms, and wall systems.

PLANUM’s long-standing reputation for providing quality and service is backed by our 2-Year Warranty on all materials and workmanship. You will find that our dedications and commitment to the quality of our product and the service we provide withstands the test of time and is proof of PLANUM’s ultimate success. 



Our special order leather program brings together the finest Italian leather, world class craftsmanship and classic designs. We start with hardwood frames engineered in Germany. Then we select the finest Italian leather with soft natural characteristics and water and stain resistance to insure your sofa will look good for years to come. And we bring it all to you at an affordable price.


The finest leathers in the world come from the two top Italian tanneries Mastrotto Italia and Peretti Grouppo, and Kelvin Giormani contracts all of their leather exclusively from these to tanneries. There is a delicate balance that we work to maintain between preserving the natural beauty of the leather and insuring that it is protected for daily use. As a result Kelvin Giormani uses 100% full grain natural leathers that maintain the natural markings of the hides.

The top of the line MARCO utilizes full grain natural aniline hides and preserves the original look and feel of the best available leather. The durable corrected, protected and pigmented ORVIETO, combines beauty and practicality. However, any of our leather selections guarantees that you will benefit from the latest Italian tanning technologies and the best available full grain leathers.

The corrected and protected grades exhibit excellent stain resistant characteristics while maintaining natural softness while the semi and full aniline grades require more attention and care just like any fine leather shoe or hand bag.


Kelvin Giormani proudly continues the tradition of “tracing” and “cutting” the leather patterns with two separate procedures so as to better allocate the natural characteristics of each hide to the proper area of every sofa.

High performance sewing machines are a key component in maintaining the highest quality tailoring expected in all of our products that also ensures the durability of every sofa produced.


The long tradition of utilizing kiln dried hard wood frames, glued with cover blocks, to insure a long structural life.

Every sofa we produce demonstrates that at Kelvin Giormani we are just as focused on the quality of what you do not see as we are on the appearance of what you do see.

Maintaining our philosophy that internal quality is just as important, most of our cushions utilize feathers that are cotton wrapped and polly bagged. The exposed edges of all foams are overlaid with fiber sheets where seat covers meet structural elements. Both these procedures enhance overall seating comfort and improve durability of your Kelvin Giormani sofa.


Kelvin Giormani uses only the finest quality German manufactured mechanisms from LUSCH, HETTICH, Kemmann & Koch, and STABILUS, to insure that we provide the highest quality products available.

 Quick Ship on selected models and special order available on the whole collection.