Made in USA - Adjustable Bed Silver Series SS-34


SS-34 Adjustable Bed Base by W.Silver Produtcts

Product Features:

  • Full Range Head and Foot Comfort Positions
    • Ease aches and pains and relax in comfort with full range head or foot positions, accommodate any sleep position. Raise your head to reduce snoring and relieve neck tension.
  • Wireless Backlit Remote Control
    • Operate your adjustable base by a remote, that can raise or lower your head and feet independently, or together.  The Flat Button lowers the bed with a single touch.
  • Battery Backup
    • During a power outage, the battery backup feature lowers the bed to a flat position with the touch of a button.
  • Fits Inside Most Standard Bed Frames
    • Allows you to keep your current wood or metal side rails.   Simply put the lifestyle base into your current side rails.
  • Gravity Release Safety Feature
    • The gravity release safety feature lowers the mattress by  gravity, never powering downwards to minimize pinch points.
  • Zero-G Preset Position
    • One touch button that raises the legs slightly above the heart to  promote circulation and relieve pressure off of the lower back.
  • One Touch Flat Button
    • Quick and easy one touch flat feature to lower your lifestyle  base to a flat position.
  • Recessed Steel 2 Piece Adjustable Legs
    • Upgraded Models are supplied 4” or 8” legs that  can be configured as a low profile bed or normal height.
  • Platform Bed Compatible
    • Engineered with “zero-clearance” to allow your lifestyle base  to sit on top of your platform style bed base.
  • LED Under-Bed Lighting
    • Getting up at night just got easier with the LED Under-Bed Lighting. With the touch of a button, the LED light will turn on  and illuminate the underside of your base.
  • Head and Foot Massage
    • Relax and recover from a long day with a full body massage.  The  motors are ultra quiet while providing a total body massage.
  • Variable Speed Massage
    • Allows you to adjust the speed of the massage motors for maximum  control of your of your total body massage.
  • Massage Wave Mode
    • Using wave motion will oscillate the massage motors from head to foot, for added soothing sensation.
  • Massage Pulse Mode
    • The Pulse Sensation Feature adds a total body massage option while The Pulse Sensation Feature adds a total body massage option while  relaxing in your own bed, the pulsing provides a deeper tissue treatment.
  • USB Outlets
    • Dual USB charging outlets per side to recharge your electronics while you use them or during sleep or to keep them fully charged when in use.  Keep devices close by and fully charged when you wake.
  • TV Preset Position
    • With the touch of a button you can be in the preset TV mode and  comfortably watching your favorite show.
  • Lounge Preset Position
    • With the touch of a button you can be in the preset Lounge mode to relax and read a book or surf the web.
  • Two Personal Programmable Position
    • Program two additional favorite positions into memory for instant recall.
  • LED Flashlight on Remote
    • With the touch of a button you can illuminate your path in a dark room for safety.
  • Exclusive Wall Defender Technology
    • Need to reach your phone on the nightstand while your head is elevated, no problem with the Wall Defender Technology.  This  technology keeps you within reach of your nightstand
  • Upholstery Grade Fabric – Graphite (G)
    • Each Comfort-N-Motion lifestyle adjustable base is finished with an upholstery grade fabric that cleans easily and will provide years of satisfaction.  Available in Graphite as the standard color offered on most models.
  • Upholstery Grade Fabric – Mocha (M) – Special Order Fabric Color (Please allow 2 weeks manufacturing time)
    • Each Comfort-N-Motion lifestyle adjustable base is finished with an upholstery grade fabric that cleans easily and will provide years of satisfaction.  Available in Mocha on a special order basis only.
  • Headboard Brackets Optional
    • Head board brackets are compatible with most standard bed frames.  Or, you can use your existing headboard and footboard and simply place this lifestyle changing adjustable base inside your existing rail system.
  • Size and Weight Load Capacity
    • Heavy-Duty steel frame for max lifting that’s evenly distributed  according to size.
      • Twin XL 450 lbs. = single unit or uses 2 units for king size
      • Full 500 lbs. = single unit
      • Queen 600 lbs.= single unit
      • Split King 900lbs. ( 2 qty. x Twin XL - bed adjust independently)
      • Cal King 900lbs.= single unit 
      • Single Piece King 600lbs. = single unit
      • (single unit in king or cal.king is only recommended if you only use the headboard and not the complete bed with rails and footboard. And we will do only locally and ground floor delivery because it is very heavy and packed in one big box that may not fit going upstairs.)
      • Wireless 16 Button Backlit Remote Control – Operate your adjustable base by a remote, that can raise or lower your head and feet independently, or together.  The Flat Button lowers the bed with a single touch. 
  • Extended 1-3-20 Limited Warranty
    • You can rest assured with the 20 year premium limited warranty  that comes standard with in-home service.
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  • Why use W. Silver Products?

    WSP has long been known in the bedding marketplace as a responsible and green manufacturer, focused on achieving the highest quality standards as an ISO certified manufacturing facility.  W. Silver Products is a family owned and operated business established in 1969.  We pride ourselves in fast and on-time delivery direct from our warehouses.  What sets us apart from the rest is that we own our own steel mill, so our products are direct from the mill to you, helping control costs in the supply chain.  Our steel is produced from recycled USA railroad tracks, an environmentally and sustainable method of production.  We concentrate on QUALITY, COST, DELIVERY, INNOVATION, and being ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE in our manufacturing.

    WSP is a single source supplier of all your bedding needs from traditional bed frames, roll-away beds, accessories, and now adjustable beds.  As a single source supplier you get the benefit of consolidated shipping costs and consolidated invoices for reduced order processing.    Our adjustable beds meet the same high standards as our traditional bed frames but bring a lifestyle to bedding that offers much more than sleep alone.  Relax, Rejuvenate, Restore, and get completely Rested in our Silver and Gold Series beds.

    W. Silver Products is a world class ISO9001 Certified manufacturer of bed frames and support systems for the furniture industry. .

    We are the only bed frame manufacturer in the United States that manufactures it’s own rail steel. This vertical integration allows us to control our quality and costs, and gives us the opportunity to pass on the savings to you, our customers.

    Why not get your frames DIRECT FROM THE MILL!

  • Why an Adjustable Bed?

    A Silver or Gold Series Adjustable Bed from W. Silver Products will adjust slowly and quietly into your the desired position.  With one touch of your finger you can navigate your way to complete relaxation and rest like never before, elevate the head or your feet and legs to your unique position reaching maximum comfort sleeping throughout the night.  Our adjustable beds will enhance your lifestyle and quickly become your favorite locations to relax and watch TV, listen to music, read a book, or surf the internet on your tablet.

    WSP Adjustable Beds are designed to create a variety of relaxing and restful positions.   Recline, Incline, and Decline until your hearts content, providing a customized sleep or rest solutions uniquely designed for you, by you.

  • Sleep Ergonomically

    A primary benefit of an adjustable bed is to allow your body to sleep in an ergonomically correct position aligning with the natural curvature of the spine.  A healthy posture during sleep helps to eliminate problems and promote proper Sleep ergonomics.  Our sleep posture is important to a healthy lifestyle.  An adjustable bed gives you the ultimate control of your body during sleep.

    The S-shape curvature of our spines and the curves of our legs are not fully supported by a flat mattress, and our muscles remain tense as they work to support the body.  Creating a curved sleep position matched to our bodies relieves this stress and allows us to fully relax and rejuvenate during sleep.

  • What is Good Sleep?

    Sleep is a vital component to a healthy lifestyle, you should wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for your day. Sleep affects how you look, feel, and perform throughout the day.  Wake refreshed with one of WSP’s Adjustable Beds.

    Using our Adjustable beds promotes healthy sleep by elevating your head you are able to better reduce stress on your heart, snoring, and sleep apnea.  Elevating the head during sleep also helps with the reduction of acid reflux and heartburn for better digestion.  Also alleviate neck and shoulder tension, headaches, and congestion.   And improve oxygen intake to your bloodstream.  All of these benefits come as a result from choosing to sleep and relax on a Comfort-n-Motion adjustable bed.