NATUZZI Costanzo B983

Natuzzi Editions

This model has great Italian styling giving it an unmistakable flair. A manual headrest gives your head and neck support when you need it, and allows the sofa to have a low sleek profile when not in use. Large seating areas and a wide arm allow for plenty of space. The model is punctuated by the unique metal leg and tapered frame at the point of contact with the legs.

Available for special order in leather and fabric - see store for details

Online prices are not update frequently and may change without prior notice. Visit or contact store the most up to date prices for special order. 


#009 - 2 CUSHIONS SOFA 87"L

#016/017 - one arm loveseat 64"L (LEFT OR RIGHT )

#017/018 - one arm sofa 76"L (LEFT OR RIGHT)

#489 - corner with headrest adjustable

#001 - armless chair 27"W

#000/002 - one arm chair 38"W (LEFT OR RIGHT)

 #072/073 armless terminal is not meant to use alone but to connect to the corner or the one arm sofa or one arm loveseat unit. It has metal bracket on one side to hook up to the piece next to it to hold in place. 

Metal legs options:  glossy chrome 77, black chrome 78

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