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Perhaps it is because we now believe comfort to be even more important? In any case, we see genuine value in producing upholstered furniture that you can sit really well on. It should be a joy: to truly relax, to sit back, to snuggle in and to feel completely at home. In order to achieve this, we have been producing high quality furniture for sitting on and relaxing in for over 60 years. Our loyal staff in Germany have been at our side; some from families who have been working with us for three generations. They work with passion and expertise to produce
branded upholstered furniture for all those who truly value a good chair.


Innovative functional sofa and comfort miracle for your home. Design: Tamara Härty

Already absolutely convincing as fixed construction: a simple movement of the hand and the back rest is positioned to a comfortable high back with an especially big and soft head part. As an option a TV chair function is available, so that everybody can find his favorite lounging position. An XL reclining area with a particularly wide and long leg rest is created - without any visible technical devices.

 Special order in your choice of colors in fabric or top grain leather and configurations to fit your space- PRICES VARIES by selections 

  • functional backrest, the sofa becomes a high back and the seat depth increases
  • TV chair function as an option (manual or motor-driven): the seat can be adjusted to a comfortable sitting and lounging positions
  • space-saving positioning: only 45 cm to wall are required
  • intermediate table: practical shelf and hinged for storage space

Shown in Rasberry leather C with RAF 2SEATER W/2 electric recliners, and LAF chaise total 118”W x 65” chaise . The back pillows flip up to use to give head supports when using the recliners functions. 

‘Special Order available in leather or fabric with different configurations. Lead time 4-5 months from order to receiving the shipment

see video http://www.koinor.com/en/products/sofas/cosima/

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