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NICOLETTI & CALIA - 100% Made in Italy with full top grain leather

We have several versions for quick-ship available. 

-OPTION #1 - LAF chair power, console table, RAF loveseat with 1 power recliner 125" X 43"D CREMA

-OPTION #2 - RAF chair power, console table, LAF loveseat with 1 power recliner 125" X 43"D  DARK GRAY

-OPTION #4 - RAF chaise lounge, LAF loveseat (no recliner) 111" X 66" CHAISE - WHITE

However, there are many options available for special order. You can pick the pieces and choice of leather or fabric on most models and get our special container pricing savings.

Here are some photos of samples of what you can get.

cost varies what the choices you pick for leather, sizes, and options

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