Rock Mattress Extra Firm Pillowtop

Rock Mattress Extra Firm Pillowtop

AC Pacific

If you're back been hurting you, try this extra firm pillowtop mattress and you'll feel the difference the next day. Do you feel like your current mattress been hurting your back so much, you want to sleep on the floor, then this is the mattress for you.  Our customers love this mattress and you can tell by sitting on the mattress and it doesn't sink down and many mattress stores carry mattresses that are too soft even their firmest one is not firm enough.

This mattress is all about classic comfort and relaxation. Featuring comfortable spring coils for maximum support, this mattress also features a pillow top with a classic quilting pattern for an extra touch of coziness. This tried and true style is available in Twin, Full, Queen, California King, and East King sizes.

# of Pocket Coils: Twin 480   Full 660  Queen 768   Cal King 986  E. King 990

Price for mattress only - foundation/ boxsprings  sold separately

Testimony:  I personally had to switch to this mattress because I had to toss and turn at night because my back is hurting me so much when I was using a soft pillowtop mattress.  But after switching to this extra firm mattress, I don't feel my back pain anymore and I can get a good night sleep. This is great for back sleeper, it's a bit firm for side sleeper but I still love it.