Tonin Casa - Italy - Big Colosseo with Solid Canaletto Walnut Pedestal Base


Another homage to Italy itself, in the shape and sensation of warmth and balance. A solid walnut, or dark oak base, to carry fixed or extendible tops, made out of glass, ceramic and marble.

On display is the double solid walnut base with a fixed top in Clear glass oblong shape.  Also available with black Portoro porcelain oblong shape

shown in Size 118.11"L x 47.24"W. 

New order will be quoted case by case basis of materials and sizes. 

Note: A single base can be used for smaller size top and double base for large size table top. 

Colosseo size options info. link to Tonin Casa

Colosseo finishes:

Please contact us for price quote for special order.  Lead time est.4-6 months

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