Tonin Casa - Italy - Big Firenze Dining Table #8078


Firenze table’s main characteristic regards its base: it is made with solid Canaletto walnut, or
solid dark oak slats. The slats are paired one by one, forming a spiral sculpture that creates an elegant optical illusion. A glass top, available in different sizes, completes the structure. Tonin Casa’s originality, mixes precision, quality and practicality: the table, in fact, is available with both the single and the double base.  Design by Nicola Tonin

If you want to create extraordinary objects, you need to get the best materials. A perfect design must  make use of the most peculiar, the most innovative techniques available. This is our porcelain glass starting point: a technologically advanced combination of two materials, whose characteristics are inimitable. A glass layer, finely cut, matches a porcelain layer – an incredibly resistant material. The inferior, glass layer, owns a distinct light quality, and numerous finishes. On top of it, porcelain is refined with various finishes, from arabescato statuario (a guilloche patterned finishing) up to gris de Savoie; it can perfectly represent the area chosen for it to be shown.

Shown in store as a double base in walnut with large rectangular Extra clear glass oval shaped - 118" L x 47.25"W x 29.5"H  (300cm x 120cm) TOP/ base #LM14 solid canaletto walnut base-  ON DISPLAY - See this table in person and available for immediate delivery (chairs not included)

different option available for special order 14-16 weeks from Italy. Single base can be used for smaller size top like 54”or 63” square or round shape or double base needed for big size top. 

chairs sold separately


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