FJORDS- AXEL Power Recliner


Fjords Axel

The ambition was to create a contemporary design with unrivalled seating comfort. The dual motorized design provides continuous support for your legs and back, with independent control of the footrest and back position, with bases which swivel. Available in all our leathers, Axel features a moveable head pillow for added comfort, and a manual release adjustable headrest angle. The chair is available in two sizes, medium and large.

  1. Cold cure moulded foam 
    When moulding polyurethane foam, which we usually use, the foam is moulded in casts that have the exact shape of the product.
    There are considerable differences between block foam and moulded cold cure foam when it comes to the durability of its physical appearance. Block foam tends to lose its suppleness after a few years of everyday use. This makes it softer as time passes. Cast moulded cold cure foam retains its suppleness longer than block moulded foam.
  2. Active Release System™
    A unique, integrated mechanism providing the best support for the neck. If desired, it can be adjusted further with a single movement in order to optimize your sitting experience.
  3. Springs in the back and seat optimize comfort
    In addition to cold cure moulded foam in the seat and back, we also use springs that further enhance comfort.
  4. Leather, textiles, sewing and upholstering
    Our long experience with complicated furniture products has provided us with important knowledge on how to optimize durability and comfort. Strict control and testing of leather and textiles, together with sewing and upholstering furniture is a very demanding and important craft.

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Dual Motion Concealed Footrest Relaxer

W: 30 1/2” , 32 1/2”
H: 40 1/2”, 42”
D: 36”, 37”
SH: 18 1/2”, 18 1/2”
SD: 21”, 22”

Motorized versions- both sizes:
SL 205 Shadow Grey/matte black base
SL 244 Ice/matte black base

Battery included


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